Quality is embedded in our manufacturing process which is why we are able to offer the highest standards or production.

Our extensive management expertise and knowledge delivers components that pass our strict quality control system. Once the tool is completed and ready for the first shot, A-Z's process engineers will work to establish a stable molding process. A mould trial video will be provided upon each trial out. Samples of the initial trial are provided to our engineering department for a complete dimensional analysis. After the analysis/evaluation, we fine-tune the product to the nominal dimensions. If the tooling feature needs to be adjusted due to product design, a subsequent sampling is conducted. Samples of the second trial are again provided to the QA department for dimensional analysis. This process continues until the satisfactions are fulfilled. Every tool that leaves our facility will have been thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure if can run with maximum efficiency when it arrives.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and have our CAMSC certification as well.